Via Anime Insider: Tokyopop’s Partial Bookstore Withdrawl (November 2006)

A short article about Tokyopop’s decision to make a number of titles web exclusive.

They give the official reason that shelves are crowded, but the biggest issue is likely that the books just weren’t selling – some of the titles that were pulled never finished getting US releases (including the pictured Dragon Voice, which released 10 volumes out of 11 before they abruptly threw in the towel).

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Via Anime Insider: NBA/Tokyopop Media Deals (August 2004)

This article details a very weird tie-in between Tokyopop and the NBA that totally¬†happened, as well as corporate sponsorship for viz’s shonen jump.

I mean, I like the NBA, and I love manga, but I don’t know what the market is here. They made 12 volumes, though, so maybe that actually did well?

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