Game Like A Statistician: Cave Story’s Stone Shower

For my own enjoyment, I’m going to take some (temporary) space out and talk about gaming, and how sports metrics changed it for me in the past couple of years.

Recently, I’ve jumped on the bandwagons of a football writer, Bill Barnwell, who works probabilities into coverage of a sport where teams typically used them incorrectly or not at all when not nicknamed Riverboat Ron. Since I tend to play video games a lot more than I play sports, I’ve absorbed a certain way of thinking prevalent throughout his work – though execution ultimately makes the difference, one’s chances of victory* can be increased by playing in unorthodox ways even if you’re not the best at them.

Inefficiencies as they are typically discussed in the game of football tend to rear their head when a coach takes the traditional, “safe” option and ends up slow cooking his team instead of taking a chance to actually dive through the fire and come out of the other side alive. After reading these articles for a while, and dealing with one particular hallway in Daisuke Amaya’s Cave Story, I realized I was leaving a good chunk of my time and lives on the table by being too afraid to take damage.

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