Fun With Numbers: February 2016 Amazon Data (Initial Numbers)

Unlike a pretty blah January, February 2016 promises to see plenty of action – the long-awaited release of the third Evangelion rebuild, a Pokemon film trilogy cracking the overall top-200 2 weeks out, another rename/pushback for the Tokyo Ghoul collectors’ edition.

Also, initial prospects for fan favorites Shirobako and Free look pretty darn grim, with both showing close to no interest a few weeks prior to release. In Free’s case, I expected this based on how s1 did and what I saw of how the dub track was received. Shirobako comes as more of a surprise – Hanayamata and Locodol were doing similarly at a similar point last month. Both of the latter are good shows in their own right, mind, just with seemingly much smaller international fanbases. We’ll if any of them improve notably throughout the month.

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Fun With Numbers: Amazon Tracking vs. Sales (12/7-13, 2015)

Another holiday-season data update, another set of datapoints to go over.

As this weeks’ data update is the first to contain updated DVD information since the holiday season started, I’ll be running through that along with the standard charts and commentary. See here for the other 2 weeks’ worth of amazon DVD data.

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Fun With Numbers: Amazon Tracking vs. Sales (11/23-12/6, 2015)

Originally, I was really excited at the prospect of checking holiday sales data and seeing how anime was affected. However, the process turned into a huge headache due to what I can only assume were mistakes in the data tracking – DVD data skipped 2 updates, and that left us with only BD sales data for those weeks. To top it off, some of those BD release datapoints aren’t even usable.

So I was dealing with a confluence of bad circumstances in figuring this stuff out, piecing together what I could. Still, it wasn’t a complete wash. Details after the jump.

For convenience’s sake, I’ll be calling Black Friday week (11/23-29, week 14) BF week, and Cyber Monday week (11/30-12/6, week 15) CM week.

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Fun With Numbers: Amazon Tracking vs. Sales (11/16-11/22)

The holidays may be over, but we’re still dealing with pre-shopping season data here at the US amazon formula lab. This batch of data is the last one from before Black Friday, and also includes DBZ:F DVD data for the first time. I’ll also take my first stab at using newer data to guess at the top of the amazon rank scale.

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Fun With Numbers: Surprises in Week 10

The most recent week of reported US sales data (10/26-11/01, 2015) was a big one for some notable deviations from the norm, some bigger than others. A bunch of Funimation titles outperformed both their rankings and their typical weekly performances, which I might be able to explain. The Wind Rises, on the other hand, dropped over 17,000 copies from its BD total, which is a little bit of a head-scratcher. I have some thoughts on each case.

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Fun With Numbers: Tracking Weeks 7-9

The most recent 3 weeks of sales data were tumultuous, seeing 6 new releases of 3 different movies and some serious chart variance. I’m dumping the data and running through the highlights – there are interesting hints that might help the predictive formula, but all are more suggestive than definite.

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Fun With Numbers: December 2015 Amazon Data (Initial Numbers)

Starting December tracking pretty early into November not for any special reason, but rather because the first release day of December is the first day of the month, so I kind of have to for consistency. Calendars, amirite?

Three notes about tracking this month:

1 – Viz will be reissuing Sailor Moon R part 2 sets courtesy of an audio syncing error on one episode. I’ll be tracking both the old and the new sets as this reissue happens.

2 – Library War and Saint Seiya: The Lost Canvas got pushed back a few weeks and are now December releases.

3 – I added some last-minute November releases to the tracking pool. Won’t promise, but will try to add such things when I notice they’ve been added.

Oh, and since it’s a movie, maybe Nash will count Aura and we’ll get to see it sell a little?

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