Via Anime Insider: Koichiro Natsume (October 2007)

An interview with Aniplex head Koichiro Natsume. He talks about music tie-ins, discusses how his own career in Sony Music Entertainment’s corporate department led to his being assigned to Aniplex (then SME Visual Works), and estimates the approval rate for projects pitched to Aniplex at 30-40 percent. Note, though, that this interview was conduced well before a conscious decision was made to cut down on the total number of anime being produced yearly, so the figure may well be lower now.

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Via Anime Insider: Hideo Katsumata (July 2006)

Producer Hideo Katsumata talks about when the Fullmetal Alchemist movie was decided on, Aniplex’s role in producing the series, and Hiromu Arakawa doing martial arts.

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