Via Newtype USA: Hiroshi Nishikiori (August 2003)

Hiroshi Nishikiori, one of only 17 directors to helm multiple non-sequel 10k hits, offers some commentary on what was then his latest work, Gad Guard. One sidebar reveals that Gad Guard is actually inspired by Easy Rider. Which makes perfect sense.* (spoilery comment on said point after the article pics)

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Instrumental Anime Openings and Why They’re Analogous to Experimental Anime

Instrumental anime openings are fairly rare. So I decided to take a look at the ones I knew. As usual when I examine a list of more than ten things, a few points jumped out at me. So I thought I’d share.

Short version: Instrumental openings often succeed. Because they try harder. They have to; they’re taking a risk, going against a current that carries lots of proverbial fish. And also because the people who tend to take that risk generally tend to be talented people. But they’re not a guaranteed winner for a show by any means.

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