Via Anime Insider: Hollywood Spitballing (December 2006)

Various directors are asked about hollywood movies they’d be interested to remake as anime.

It’s a good question which gets some good answers (some not even restricted to movies). There are a bunch of cases of classic Western film and TV inspiring anime and manga (The Fugitive->Monster obviously so, Easy Rider->Gad Guard less so), but it’s neat to get a window into some of the less-obvious influences on a number of entertainers. Western or not, stuff like Taniguchi Goro learning about ongoing subplots from E.R. and Tsutomu Mizushima being a fan of car chases is fun to discover.

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Via Anime Insider: Directors’ Favorite Oldies (April 2006)

A bunch of anime directors talk about what their favorite series was growing up. It’s a neat topic that gets some pretty diverse answers.

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