Via Anime Insider: Hollywood Spitballing (December 2006)

Various directors are asked about hollywood movies they’d be interested to remake as anime.

It’s a good question which gets some good answers (some not even restricted to movies). There are a bunch of cases of classic Western film and TV inspiring anime and manga (The Fugitive->Monster obviously so, Easy Rider->Gad Guard less so), but it’s neat to get a window into some of the less-obvious influences on a number of entertainers. Western or not, stuff like Taniguchi Goro learning about ongoing subplots from E.R. and Tsutomu Mizushima being a fan of car chases is fun to discover.

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Via Anime Insider: Katsuji Morishita (February 2006)

Producer Katsuji Morishita discusses working on Tsubasa Reservoir Chronicle and xxxHolic as two halves of a double feature project. Two particularly interesting tidbits here (among a few others):

-Tsubasa character designs were redone from scratch for the movie.

-Tsubasa movie director Koichi Mashimo was good friends with TV series director Itsuro Kawasaki, which helped smooth the transition between teams.

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Fun With Numbers: Directors With Blockbuster Chops (Part 2: 2 Shows)

Continued from part 1, here are the rest of the directors that managed to notch multiple credits on 10,000 plus per volume hits. 13 guys directed two non-sequel hits, which, adding in the 4 from before, gives a total of 17 people in the history of anime to make this particular list.

As before, note that while anidb and ann are being used, they are potentially incomplete sources. For example, Tsuda Naokatsu only receives Uta Kata production assistance credit on ann. I will generally give direction credit to anyone who is listed as a director on one of the two sites, and directed a plurality of the episodes. Series director vs. plain Director titles for shows that gave the two to different people were tricky to interpret – I opted to give the title to the staffer listed as just director.

An Important Note About The Classification: I only included non-sequel anime when looking for directors. This means nothing with some manifestation of a 2 in the title. Ditto for Gundam or Macross franchise entries after the original. My rationale is that it’s a lot harder to make a prime-time anime from scratch, even with popular source material, than it is to continue living in a house you or someone else built. I count A Certain Scientific Railgun and Mononoke as spinoffs rather than sequels, as the series they spun off of are considerably less well-established franchises.

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Unstoppable Hype Machine Winter 2014 #5 – Witchcraft Works

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Welcome to Unstoppable Hype Machine, a podcast where Drew and Sam discuss what shows they are looking forward to in the next season! There will be five in the first season of USHM with one going up per day! First up on the discussion plate is Witchcraft Works, a new comedy directed by Tsutomu Mizushima!