Kotoura-san: Episode 8

Remember how I said that part of the reason I like Manabe is that he doesn’t do the whole “I’m not in love with her, even though I obviously am” thing? Yeah, that’s what he did this episode. Image The first half involved Kotoura being sick, which led to an interesting plot point where it appears that she has lost her mind reading powers, at least for the moment. It hasn’t really gone anywhere except a few jokes where Manabe thinks perverted thoughts and is surprised when Kotoura doesn’t react, Image

Justifiable with thoughts like these (Queen’s Blade reference #1)

But it was a solid premise and we got some character development. The second half involved Kotoura and Manabe going on a date together and once again we get some okay jokes, but it was pretty solid overall. Image

Queen’s Blade Reference #2

Jeez, with all this happiness, we might finally see the characters getting better! Its so nice to see that they won’t have to deal with anymore drama Image


Yes, the drama is coming back with a vengeance; the next episode preview makes it seem as though we’re going to see an investigation of a murder and the reappearance of Kotoura’s mother. I have to say, I was not expecting this; maybe a confrontation with the mother or something, but not a murder mystery. It will be interesting to see how Kotoura pulls it off. This episode seemed to be filler, but this is the good kind of filler: one where we get some good character moments and funny jokes as well as give a little break from the drama of the show.

First Reactions: Cuticle Detective Inaba Episode 9

It was time to see how this show will resolve last week’s sudden dip into drama. Would it stay true to its comedy roots? Or would it delve still deeper into the abyss of Soumei’s past? I was prepared for it to take either tack, and I certainly found the one it chose entertaining.

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Cuticle Detective Inaba: Some Thoughts on Episodes 1-8

For reasons I will never fully understand (at least, I haven’t yet understood them), this show seems to be the biggest source of love/hate controversy this Winter 2013 Season. Personally, I could never hate a comedy about a bunch of quirky individuals driving each other nuts, especially when one of them is a cute goat+mafia don and another is a psycho constantly trying to murder characters from the background. That’s really all this show was before it showed it could do pseudo-serious in episode 7 and heavy serious in episode 8.

CDI-1Poetry in motion, this scene

I would have called the direction for this series a bit plain prior to episode 7. I felt like I could re-piece the manga this was adapted from with little to no effort just from the anime storyboards. That said, it does the job for comedy, and the characters carry the rest. The dramatic portions were legitimately just well-done bits of heavier atmosphere; the first being intentionally exaggerated, the second being a serious story.

My current read on this show is “enjoyable quirky character comedy with some dramatic pull”. I don’t have much else to say about it because its formula really is as simple as a cast that works well together. We’ll see how the dramatic portion of the show plays out, but I’d say it’s earned its comedy chops.