Via Newtype USA: Taniguchi Goro on s-CRY-ed (July 2003)

I’ve been collecting a bunch of old Newtype USA issues off of ebay lately, with the goal of eventually uploading scans of most or all of the [inside] series. The next batch arrived at my apartment yesterday, and in addition to an article on Gainax with an offhand mention of mid-90s OVA budgets, it contained this feature on┬ás-CRY-ed with a number of comments directly from Taniguchi Goro. Even though there’s not a lot of historically notable material in there, there’s interesting s-CRY-ed specific stuff; focusing on hand-drawn art against current industry trends, struggling to translate the core concept into a coherant final story, being surprised that a series he tried to make as manly as possible ended up with a majority female fanbase, and the offhand comment that turned into the OST track In His Memory. It’s something I personally enjoyed reading, as a huge s-CRY-ed geek. Scans are after the jump (statements from Goro are all on the fourth page).

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