Via Anime Insider: The Gun x Sword Crew (June 2006)

Director Taniguchi Goro, writer Hideyuki Kurata, and character designer Takahiro Kimura talk about Gun x Sword. Includes some neat, semi-quirky stuff like Goro insisting the show is a mecha (not a western), drawing from independence day, staff-bonding onsen trips, and Kurata on making good “B-movie” villains.

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Via Newtype USA: Taniguchi Goro on s-CRY-ed (July 2003)

I’ve been collecting a bunch of old Newtype USA issues off of ebay lately, with the goal of eventually uploading scans of most or all of the [inside] series. The next batch arrived at my apartment yesterday, and in addition to an article on Gainax with an offhand mention of mid-90s OVA budgets, it contained this feature on┬ás-CRY-ed with a number of comments directly from Taniguchi Goro. Even though there’s not a lot of historically notable material in there, there’s interesting s-CRY-ed specific stuff; focusing on hand-drawn art against current industry trends, struggling to translate the core concept into a coherant final story, being surprised that a series he tried to make as manly as possible ended up with a majority female fanbase, and the offhand comment that turned into the OST track In His Memory. It’s something I personally enjoyed reading, as a huge s-CRY-ed geek. Scans are after the jump (statements from Goro are all on the fourth page).

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First Reactions: Dangan Ronpa Episodes 11 and 12

Sorry for the incredibly late updates. I’ve had a busy time lately that I’d like to claim is all work’s fault, but it really has as much to do with Valkyria Chronicles 2 and the general greatness of Gatchaman Crowds. Which I’ve rewatched episodes of for hours episode 10 specifically, and is definitely the turning point pushing Kenji Nakamura past the ranks of very, very good situational directors into the tier of “watch me nail this magic trick I’ve never done before,” greats.*

Anyway, I’ll be getting back to writing over this weekend, skipping pics and just dishing my thoughts on the shows I was supposed to be covering** until I’m caught up. Also, look forward to some more crunched numbers; I’ve been running some data on anime adaptations of award-winning manga and the frequency of mecha anime pre- and post-3D mech animation techniques that should be ready relatively soon.

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