Fun With Numbers: Dragon Ball Z: Battle of Gods Sold 17,247 Copies in Week 4

This is the fourth week of Battle of Gods’ ranking, and the first week it fell off the combined DVD/BD charts. It still adds ~17,000 BD copies to the running total (DVDs could have accounted for at most ~6000 additional copies this week), which is now 162,228 total copies. That’s about half of Wrath of the Dragon’s lifetime total (332,730 copies), and it could get closer to that figure as time goes by. Sales drop off by a bit every week, so I doubt we’ll see exactly how close it ends up getting.

Also noteworthy is the fact that Hellsing Ultimate did not chart in the same week. This week, ending in November 2nd, contained its release date, and it fell short of the 15,544 copy BD threshold. Possibly well short – my model predicted a much lower figure:

Anyway, here’s the chart* if you care to look: Source Link

*I realized just recently where TheNumbers’ chart archives are stored, so there’s no reason to screencap stuff anymore.

Via Anime Insider: Hellsing Ultimate Staffers (December 2006)

A feature on Hellsing Ultimate that closes with interviews with author Kouta Hirano and screenwriter Hideyuki Kurata, as well as producers Yasuyuki Ueda and Young King Ours’ Yoshiyuki Fudetani.

Favorite part of the interview is Fudetani’s “[y]ou can do manga for us until the day you die” (Hirano’s Drifters is also very successful and also runs in YKO). Also touches on Hirano’s interest in England and favorite Gundam characters. Also interesting that Hideyuki Kurata has been a Young King Ours reader for the magazine’s entire run (“since volume one”); the magazine began serialization in 1993.

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