Unstoppable Hype Machine Winter 2014 #10 – Kanojo Flag

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Guess what’s starting again!

That’s right, it’s the Unstoppable Hype Machine, this time for a full 10 episodes! At least once, maybe even twice, day for the next week we will be serving you up plenty of spring anime hype.

First up on our list is Kanojo Flag!

Unstoppable Hype Machine Winter 2014 #3 – Robot Girls Z

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This one is actually one that Animetics has a slight history with; specifically, we subtitled Episode 0! Linky Dinky~. It currently has 11,000 Downloads on Nyaa.eu, and while we will not be subbing the series itself we are discussing it in this chapter of Unstoppable Hype Machine!

Unstoppable Hype Machine Winter 2014 #5 – Witchcraft Works

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Welcome to Unstoppable Hype Machine, a podcast where Drew and Sam discuss what shows they are looking forward to in the next season! There will be five in the first season of USHM with one going up per day! First up on the discussion plate is Witchcraft Works, a new comedy directed by Tsutomu Mizushima!