Via Anime Insider: Kazuki Akane (April 2007)

An interview with director Kazuki Akane regarding the Noein TV series. He discusses various aspects of the show, including, most interestingly, the production delays the series experienced. He attributes them to what he describes as both a “tug-of-war” and a “fight” with the character designer to get the artstyle he and the team wanted. Given Takahiro Kishida’s record (even just up to 2006), I think it’s less likely the beef there was with him specifically and more likely it was with one or more higher-ups.

Oh, and there’s also some stuff from him on the respective pluses and minuses of TV and movie anime.

Preemptive Warning:

Please don’t be the guy who links this article as decisive evidence that Noein failed to sell disks because of such and such a reason. People who look at sales numbers with any kind of regularity should know better than to just assume that any one reason causes people to buy or not buy a show en masse. That said, while I love very much¬†the way the series turned out, I can’t blame whoever was pushing more moe¬†character designs for pushing something they thought might help sales.

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Lists Are Fun to Make: Favorite Anime Episodes by Title

Full Disclosure: I like making lists. This particular list is the result of an afternoon of me sitting down and trying to list all the anime episode titles I remember. This correlates pretty well with my actual favorite anime episodes, because I’ve seen most of them enough times to remember their titles. When making this one, I set myself a limit at 60 and reached it fairly quickly. After making the list, I actually ranked them. So yeah, had a lot of fun with this one.

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What the Aku no Hana Fracas Reveals About the Internet’s Anime Community

So if you’ve been following the Spring 2013 season at all, you’re probably aware of how much of a hubbub Aku no Hana has kicked up. The trimodal mal score distribution attests to the strong difference in opinion, which has caused tensions to flare up in any number of discussion forums. Forums nominally for discussion, anyway, because there hasn’t been much actual discussion going on.

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