Fun With Numbers: Long-Tail Figures and Uncharted Territory

Recently, via the creation of a second OpusData trial account, I was able to acquire some new data that sheds light on how several newer US anime release performed in the long term. This includes 5 releases (Attack on Titan: Part 2, One Piece Film Z, The Wind Rises, Evangelion: Ha, The Tale of Princess Kaguya) for which we have at least one week of sales data already, plus 4 releases (Momo, Hal, Bayonetta, The Cat Returns) that came out in the 12 months and failed to chart once. Excluding Evangelion: Ha, and The Cat Returns, all of these titles came out between September and November 2014, so they’re roughly comparable in terms of the amount of time since release they’ve had to accrue new sales.

[Note: OpusData and TheNumbers, where I usually get what hard US video sales data I post, are owned and operated by the same company, Nash Info Services.]

The info that can be gleaned from them is interesting, but let me just say right now that I’m really happy about the clerical error that logged Attack on Titan’s second set as a movie, and hence trackable long-term in the Opus database.

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Fun With Numbers: The Wind Rises Week 1 Sales (Plus Princess Mononoke BDs)

Small update for 2 relevant releases, which naturally went untracked and thus can’t be fitted to my amazon formula. The first week of sales data for the US release of The Wind Rises is out, clocking in at 53,698 units (40,818 BD/12,880 DVD). A BD release of Princess Mononoke also sold 29,913 BDs (also moving 30,169-29,913=256 DVDs) in the same week.

For some points of comparison, Laputa’s BD rerelease sold 12,611 week 1 copies, From Up on Poppy Hill sold 33,102 week 1 copies, Arietty sold 264,252 week 1 copies, and Howl’s Moving Castle sold 193,006 week 1 copies.