Unstoppable Hype Machine Summer 2014 #7 – Shounen Hollywood

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Shounen Hollywood seems generic on paper, but with an interesting visual design and some twists in its production, can it be something even better? USHM believes so and will tell you about it right now!

(Note: This poster is the one we refer to in the podcast. Cool, ain’t it?)

Unstoppable Hype Machine Summer 2014 #11 – Mobile Suit Gundam-San

Gundam-jack it!

This one is actually a bit of a bonus, as the information of its airing was only juuuuuuuuuust released a few hours before as of recording time. We at Animetics are thrilled to bring you one of THE fastest turnarounds from news to podcasts in anime ever! (We think.)


Unstoppable Hype Machine Spring 2014 #1 – Puchimas! Season 2

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There are going to be people who disagree with the Machine. People who are going to say that other shows are better then the second season of literal idol moeblobs.

But the Machine is (probably) never wrong.

And the Machine is ready to show you why Puchimas! Season 2 is something to be hyped for.

Unstoppable Hype Machine Spring 2014 #2 – Mekaku City Actors

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Number 2 on our (slightly delayed) list is Mekaku City Actors, the newest project from both Akiyuki Shinbo, director of Madoka, Bakemonogatari, and Nisekoi, and the mind behind the Vocaloid designs. The associated light novels have been tearing up the charts for months and the Hype Machine has been building up!