Anime Movie Slaparound: Project A-ko

In our ongoing maximum freestyle segment, Drew and Sam tackle one of the most zeitgeisty anime movies of the eighties, the nuclear-high-energy Project A-ko.


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Final Review: Gasaraki (8/10)

There are a lot of mecha anime out there, and while I haven’t seen too many of them, I tend to really enjoy the self-aware mecha shows that take unique takes on the implications of the genre; stuff like Dai-Guard, where the focus is a hot-blooded protagonist dealing with various impracticalities of the genre, or Fist Planet, where the mech pilot just clowns around to pass the time in his dull job, or Gad Guard, which is all about the downsides of having a robot minion that does whatever you want.

One day, I had heard a certain 90s mecha by the name of Gasaraki mentioned in this context enough times that I had to give it a look. Suffice to say it’s a lot less in the style of Ishikawa Ken (Getter Robo) and a lot more in the style of Kaiji Kawaguchi (Zipang, A Spirit of the Sun), a gripping political thriller.

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First Reactions: Suisei No Gargantia Episodes 1-3

Suisei No Gargantia is the new series from acclaimed writer Gen Urobochi. As a large fan of his previous work, Mahou Shoujo Madoka Magica, I was immediately intrigued. So far I have watched 3 episodes, and all I can say is I hope to god this gets better.

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Sell me in 20 Minutes: Valvrave the Liberator

I dropped Majestic Prince today after finishing episode 2. It seemed confused about where it was going and the charm of the characters was wearing off pretty quickly. Fortunately, this season still had one more mecha left in stock. In a warehouse. On a shelf decently close to the top.

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Sell Me in 20 Minutes: Majestic Prince, Hataraku Maou-sama, and Devil Survivor 2

I didn’t explain it that well in my first post, so let me say it here. Most modern anime, having lots of competition in whatever season they air, face a real need to prove themselves from day 1. This column is a breakdown of what I saw in various intro episodes that I think will prove indicative of the show’s quality in upcoming weeks, and hence what I plan to be watching. I generally don’t go over plot in much detail, as that’s something anyone can just go to any of a dozen encyclopedia sites for.

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