Sell Me in 20 Minutes: Hyperdimension Neptunia and Gatchaman Crowds

With this Friday’s two new shows (and the only full-length Friday shows on the season), the flow of first episodes for this summer season has come to a close. Fortunately, the day went 1 for 2, and added another show to the slate of things I’m gladly continuing.

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Manga Chapter of the Week: Natsu no Zenjitsu Chapter 17 (Hanami)

Yoshida Matoi’s Natsu no Zenjitsu is a fantastic work about artists and art with the best actual artstyle I’ve ever seen. Unlike a lot of artists with exceptionally good art, though, Matoi also knows storyboarding and the finer points of manga. The result is a consistent barrage of scenes that convey emotions and sensations as only manga can. This chapter, featuring a main character feeling what’s best described as “complex distress” is full of such scenes.


Scenes that, I’m sure, left the Good! Afternoon guy in charge of ink crying his eyes out

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