Active Engagement Through Timed Comments: GJ-bu

Studio Dogakobo’s GJ-bu was a cute 2013 comedy show centered around a c-list high-school club. The production team did a good job at pouring in a little bit of extra juice while putting the show together, pulling out a lot of zingy final-act punchlines to polish off its preferred brand of character-skit comedy. I personally found the on-screen product to be a hoot, and was interested enough in the broader audience reaction to pull himado comments and do some basic analysis.

For more information on this analysis method, see this similar post on Ping Pong The Animation, or this introductory post covering particular episodes of Shingeki no Bahamut and Carnival Phantasm.

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Fun With Numbers: Critical/Casual Slants

It’s one of the oldest conundrums in the anime fandom that the shows that get the most attention are often not the best-made shows, the ones that blow people’s minds when they see them. In a vaccum, that’s pretty confusing; shouldn’t we be giving the most attention to the shows we’ll enjoy the most? Why do some shows get high ratings and languish in the proverbial basement popularity-wise while others get abyssmal scores but receive tons of attention? I found a quick and dirty way to dig into this problem using my set of seasonal anime data and got a set of results that was equal parts depressingly predictable and pleasantly surprising.

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