Sell Me in 20 Minutes: Teekyu 2 and Blood Lad

We’re a little past the halfway mark in Summer 2013, and with one more week of new material still to air, things are looking fairly positive. Sunday carries a (literally) shorter slate, but not one lacking punch.

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Manga Chapter of the Week: Wandering Son Chapter 121 (Love)

Takako Shimura’s Wandering Son is a fantastically tasteful and insightful work whose main character is a boy who wants to become a girl (Shuuichi Nitori). Wandering Son and Takako Shimura’s other works (most notably Aoi Hana) stand out in a landscape of anime and manga featuring LGBT characters for making said characters something more than a running gags or sexual fantasies. And also for being great manga that explore personal growth on a long-term basis.* For example, Wandering Son started out with the main characters in fourth grade, followed the characters through middle school and high school, and, as of this chapter, moved on to the beginning of the Nitori’s career. Typical of Takako Shimura, this stitch was accomplished with both the finesse of a tailor and the speed of a sewing machine.

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First Reactions: Space Brothers Episode 61

Despite the fact that this episode featured a rocket launch of sorts, it was very much a lull episode. Events were treated with little fanfare and passed by quickly. No surprise here. This show is far too polished to waste time building up obvious fakeouts.

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