Charactology: The Animetics Non-Answer to “Who Was the Best Anime Character of 2012?”


There are times when we at Animetics like to slow down, get serious, and look at the finer points of what defines excellence. This, much like our seasonal anime previews, is not one of those features. There’s no objective way of determining who the best anime character actually is, and we don’t claim to be any more accurate than a series of purely random coin flips. That said, welcome to Charactology 2012, the Animetics bracketology-inspired character polling feature.

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Sell Me in 20 Minutes: DD Hokuto no Ken, Hyakka Ryouran: Samurai Bride, and Aku no Hana

In contrast to a Thursday featuring a pair of newer directors, Friday was all about veterans coming back to their native style. With results that, frankly, could have been way better.

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