Charactology 2012 (Group 2, Match 1): Saber or Koko Hektmatyar

(Check out the stickied post for the full bracket.)

Apologies for the lateness. We’re back on track for now, and the rest of round 1 should be completed without any problems. On a side note, I’m expanding the polls to weekly ones, though there’ll still be a new post every day.

Today’s matchup is all about war at varying degrees of honor. Our second 1-seeded character fights for honor and country, and the scrappy upstart gleefully (and successfully) facilitates conflict for profit.

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Charactology: The Animetics Non-Answer to “Who Was the Best Anime Character of 2012?”


There are times when we at Animetics like to slow down, get serious, and look at the finer points of what defines excellence. This, much like our seasonal anime previews, is not one of those features. There’s no objective way of determining who the best anime character actually is, and we don’t claim to be any more accurate than a series of purely random coin flips. That said, welcome to Charactology 2012, the Animetics bracketology-inspired character polling feature.

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