Fun With Numbers: Amazon Rank Progression for US Releases (March 18)

Compared to last and next week, this slate of releases was a bit small, containing 3 rereleases (Zombie, Shana, To Love) along with 2 new releases (Upotte, Bleach set 20).

As before, here’s the rankings up to this week in Aria the Natural part 2, featuring one total copy sold and the majority of days spent ranked 120,000th or higher:


Chart is date, rank, # in stock

The decline in rank seemed to slow down this past week. I would guess that, once you get to the 200,000s, you hit a point where there are a lot more shows that haven’t sold in a while or at all, leading to a slower advancement. At this point, I’m mainly following the ranks to see if the series can drop back into the 70,000-80,000 range with the next purchase that gets made, or if the long drought will have significant effects on the post-purchase rank.

Plots are posted after the jump.

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Fun With Numbers: March 2014 Amazon Data (Initial Numbers)

Way back in December, I started a rough, bare-bones look at a bit of publicly available data; US Amazon TV/Movie bestseller list rankings for anime releases. That data collection is mostly done, pending K’s release this Tuesday, and it yielded some potentially interesting nuggets (expect that summary post to happen before this next weekend). Enough so that I plan to do the same at least for the month of March. This is a list of the releases I’ll be tracking over the next 30 days, with their release dates, prices, and initial rankings. All series were accessed via amazon’s upcoming anime releases page.

Two points before the list itself:

-I compiled my February list too early (several titles were only announced for release after I built my list), and missed the opportunity to track some releases that way. Since most titles tracked in the February sample were relatively steady and very low on the list until a week before release (save for Robotics;Notes’ ridiculously discounted edition), I’m going to start tracking monthly rankings approximately one week prior to the first set of releases from now on.

-The price I note is the series’ MSRP price. If the series becomes listed at more than 50% off that price at any time during the amazon solicitation, I will note that both now and during the final analysis. The February part 1 release of Robotics;Notes had such a discount.

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