Via Anime Insider: Work Experience (July 2006)

Three western artists share their stories from working in the anime industry.

There’s some quirky stuff here (interns polishing bullets for Mamoru Oshii prior to an interview), and some serious bits (difficulty finding a place to rent as a foreigner, long work hours, cultivating camaraderie at work, and dealing with the language barrier). It’s an interesting compliment to Jan Scott Frazier’s insight¬†on the subject

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Fun With Numbers: August 2014 US Amazon Data (Initial Numbers)

July’s almost over, and while I’m not totally done tracking releases for that month, I think it’s reasonably safe to say none of them are likely to snag an elusive top 20 BD/top 30 DVD slot – Naruto and Hetalia were the only series to spend multiple days in triple digits and neither cracked the top 500.

This August looks pretty thin in terms of series likely to chart: the only releases currently better than 20,000th are DBZ’s sixth BD set, Love Lab, and Shinsekai Yori’s second half. Tracking them, as always, to add to the dataset and hopefully eventually enable analysis of the US market.

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Via Anime Insider: The Gun x Sword Crew (June 2006)

Director Taniguchi Goro, writer Hideyuki Kurata, and character designer Takahiro Kimura talk about Gun x Sword. Includes some neat, semi-quirky stuff like Goro insisting the show is a mecha (not a western), drawing from independence day, staff-bonding onsen trips, and Kurata on making good “B-movie” villains.

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